The School

The Margaret River Yoga School was established in 1994 by Shane Moody and was the first, full time practising yoga school in regional Western Australia. MRYS is an Iyengar yoga school, following the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar, and offering both daytime and evening classes for students of all skill levels and experience. MRYS provides a range of classes, including beginners classes, yoga for pain and women’s classes. Our knowledgeable, experienced and qualified teachers will provide ongoing assistance and instruction as your yoga develops, and can help with any questions regarding health or injury. Since it’s inception, MRYS has been a big part of the Margaret River community as a place to learn, heal and grow.


Classes & Retreats

MRYS has run international yoga retreats in the past that allow you to explore the world with fellow students and teachers whilst undertaking an intensive yoga experience. Past retreat locations include Bali, Sardinia in Italy, Pune in India and Mauritius. MRYS also plays host to senior Iyengar teacher workshops on a regular basis, offering students and teachers alike the opportunity to sharpen their practice. 

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Teacher Profiles


Alice Hately

Alice Hately trained under the close mentorship of Shane Moody and was certified as a Level One Iyengar Teacher in 2016. She has been teaching at the Margaret River Yoga School since 2014 and is now teaching almost everyday.
In addition to her ongoing Iyengar training, Alice completed the Yoga for Pain Course funded by GP Down South in 2018 and runs pain- friendly classes on a weekly basis.

"My intention in teaching is to share all that I observed under the close guidance of Shane Moody, all that I have embodied in my own practise and the joy of learning news skills which keep our hearts and minds and bodies vibrant and well."


Clyde Huxtable

Clyde has been practising yoga for 30 years and teaching in Iyengar's style for 15. His initial step towards yoga was sparked by a yearning to join "mind, body and spirit". Clyde's experience has led him to rely on yoga, as if a raft on a turbulent sea or a friend on whom he can rely when life leans on you in unexpected ways. As Guriji so affectionately states: labour, laugh, love.


Kathy Birch

Kathy attended her first Iyengar class in 1989 and has since always loved the way yoga puts you in touvh with your body and breathing. Her passion for yoga led her to study remedial massage, deepening her understanding of the human body. Kathy has trained in Iyengar yoga under many senior teachers, and was a dedicated student of the founder of the Margaret River Yoga School, the late Shane Moody. Kathy loves teaching and sharing the gift of yoga.


Francesca Gosling

Francesca discovered Iyengar yoga in 2002 with Mande White while living in Auckland and instantly discovered the emotional benefits of the practice. Having spent a lifetime doing competitive sports she knew she wanted an intelligent yoga practice. She then spent many years learning and teaching various styles of yoga, and since 2015, has been teaching Iyengar Yoga in Western Australia.

Frannie has a healthy respect for the Iyengar lineage and is honored to have been asked to teach at MRYS. Her classes will be authentic yoga from the Krisnamacharya tradition, using her own voice, and filled with clarity of what she's learnt and where she's learnt it. Her classes are firm and old school, but lighthearted and personal, with constant reminders of the importance of breath and alignment as the students move into deeper layers of being.